Best joke i have never heard it.

If you are not happy today,warmly suggest you to read this joke as below.Just take one minute to read this,i think you will get more and more funny.

Thress people were cycling beside a ditch. 2 of them have nicknames, one was fuck off and other was shit. The one without a nickname was called bob. bob and shit fell into the ditch, bob fell in a puddle and was fine but shit fell onto some rocks and was badly hurt. fuck off called the police. “how can i help” the police said. “help! my friends have fallen into a ditch!”, the policeman then asks “what’s your name son?”. “fuck off” he sais. “exuse me?”. “Fuck off”. “nevermind, what are they doing?” he asks. “well bob’s picking up shit.”

aha aha makes me laugh every time.

Wish all friend and family happy everyday!thanks for your reading this joke.